In order to honor the principle of Civic Responsibility and to ensure the best experience for participants, we have mapped out some guidance to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 for both Art & Events.

  1. Outside events only please.
  2. You must post signage indicating the mask policy. Masks are encouraged.
  3. Provide hand sanitizer and/or hand washing stations for volunteers and visitors.
  4. Maintain a regular sanitation schedule and keep it.
  5. It is recommended that you set 6 foot increments where visitors need to wait in a line to view art, receive a gift or participate an event.
  6. Any time 6 foot social distance from non-household members cannot be maintained masks should be worn.
  7. You are welcome to provide disposable masks to anyone who forgot theirs.
  8. You are encouraged to ask ask visitors to maintain their distance from others.
  9. The CDC recommends masks for everyone in large gatherings, and mask wearing is still required of unvaccinated persons in Washington in all situations. The best safety practice is to still require masks at your event and to mask up when you are in close proximity to a number of people. 
  10. If you choose to implement a vaccine verification system, you must confirm visitor immunizations and utilize the below official definition of fully vaccinated.*

Planning Events

Organizing an event is a tricky topic during this transitional time. While we have no desire to stifle creativity and community interaction, not all types of events are currently allowable under Washington State guidelines or prudent based on the current transmission rate in our area.

If you wish to plan an event that would have minimal to no social distancing, you’ll have a greater burden when making a plan to mitigate the risk to the community, such as requiring negative tests in addition to proof of vaccination. You may receive an email of pending approval, which means you would not be included in the Guide unless updates to Washington state guidelines and reduction in local transmission rates ensure that it will be responsible to go forward with such an event.

While visiting art or participating in events listing in the Art Compass NW 2021 Guide, state mandated guidelines concerning Covid-19 should be adhered to (masks/social distancing). Because Covid -19 is extremely contagious and is spread mainly from person-to-person contact, we have made these guidelines for all makers and organizers  to reduce the spread of Covid -19. However, we cannot guarantee that participants will not become infected with Covid -19 including those with a negative test result or vaccination.

By hosting and publicizing this event, Art Compass NW and it’s planning committee do not incur any liability regarding loss or injury that may occur at any location related to this event. Individual property owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of their invitees pursuant to this event per case law and statue regarding premises liability. If any such obligation does exist, by participating in this event you are agreeing to hold harmless Art Compass NW, it’s members and designees of any loss or damage that occurs on any private property during or as a result of participating in this event.

*Definition of fully vaccinated: Event attendees are vaccintated against COVID-19 by a two-dose mRNA vaccine (such as the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines), or a single does vaccine (such as the Johnson & Johnson vaccine), are considered “fully vaccinated” two weeks after the final dose of the vaccine (the second dose for a two dose regimen, or a single dose for a single-dose regimen). Documentation of vaccination status must be available upon request at any time.

Children up to age 11. Children between ages of 2 and 11 who can provide proof of having tested negative of COVID-19 within 72 hours of admission are allowed to attend such events. Children under the age of 2 do not need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test to attend any event that has a vaccine required when accompanied by a vaccinated adult.

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