Art Compass Northwest 2021 is nine days full of Burner lead and community organized art and events. Happening locally all around you during the week of Burning Man (8/29-9/6). Let our compass guide you on an art fueled expedition in your neighborhood, city, and state. We invite you to create or host art in your personal space. Anyone can create art and Art Compass Northwest will help others find it! This is a call to create and share your artistic vision.

Create and participate in your community like you live in it.

Reimagine your space.

We invite you to create projects in your yard, find someone to host your project, or offer to host someone else’s creation. There is no requirement to show art or host an event for the entire period. Art Compass runs from 8/29 to 9/6 and any, or the entire time, is open for you to plan your events, and set up your art. Just let us know your schedule of exhibition in the sign-up form!

Whether you are a new maker, experienced burner or an entire camp, join the fun! Dust off past projects or build something new. Use your skills and imagination to create interactive installations, static art, and performances.

Expand your vision! Plan bike parades, scavenger hunts, games, or community service. Don’t want to commit your entire summer to constructing art? Even an hour is an amazing gift; hold a lecture, teach a class, or demonstrate a skill. Check out the inspiration page for more ideas and to see some of last year’s projects.

Questions or comments? Email us: artcompassnw@gmail.com