Thursday, September 2nd

Burn Week Art Map

Scroll down for descriptions and directions!

Killarney’s Full Service Parisian Café

9am-11am, 8/30-9/4

4167 38th Ave S. Seattle, WA 98118

One of the largest stops on lost Route 38 has reappeared – Killarney’s Full Service Parisian Café, Taxidermy and Truck stop. Come in every morning for a self-serve cup of your traditional, greasy spoon diner coffee. It’s self-serve, so our salty wait staff has nothing better to do than check your vaccine cards and make sure you wear a mask when not seated. We care about your caffeination and your safety, too!

Photography allowed? Yes, with permission of any participants who will be in the photos.

COVID-19 Precautions: Vaccines are required to enter the café space. Social distancing has been accounted for in table placement. Masks are required whenever patrons are not seated at their own table, and staff will have a mask full time plus spares on hand.

The Pie Chute

3pm-6pm, 8/29-8/31 and 9/02-9/05

4167 38th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

It’s the Pie Chute! Returning again from the space-time vortex to deliver flaky, crusty pastries at (relatively) high speed! Open from 3-6pm daily (except Wednesday!) serving homemade handpies, with locally sourced fillings both sweet and savory. Gluten Free jam-dot cookies and vegan pies are provided as options for those who can’t indulge in our all-butter crust. Vaccinated? On days it is open, you are welcome to enjoy your pie in our backyard café space! (Bring your ID and proof of vaccination.)

Photography allowed? Yes, please ask volunteers or other participant’s permission before including humans in your photographs.

COVID-19 Precautions: Outdoors/masks required. The line will be socially distanced with 6′ markers between each group. There is hand sanitizer next to the Pie Hole, and participants should clean their hands before collecting their pastry. Vaccines are required to enjoy your pie in the café.

Photobooth and Snow Cones!

Sun 8/29 from 11am-1pm, Thurs 9/2 from 5-7pm, Sat 9/4 from 5-7pm

342 17th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 – Orange house at 17th and Jefferson

Get your photo taken in our outdoor photo booth! Dress up in your Burner finest (or don’t), bring a friend or come solo, and get your souvenir photo with playa backdrop printed on the spot. After your photo, enjoy a snow cone before heading onward to your next Art Compass destination.

Photography allowed? Yes

COVID-19 Precautions: Event will be outdoors. Six foot increments will be marked on sidewalk for lines. Masks are encouraged while in line for photos and required for receiving a snow cone. Participants will use the provided hand sanitizer before photo booth and snow cones. Host/snow cone server will be masked and completed food handler’s permit. If you are experiencing Covid symptoms, please stay home.


4pm-10pm, 9/01-9/05

14917 16th Ave SW, Burien, WA 98166

Come play PUTTQUET! at the Burien trash fence!

A hybrid of crazy golf and croquet, try your hand navigating the obstacles and traps of this quirky and colorful 100 ft long course.

Created by the Honoraria artists who brought you Odd Jelly Out, uckiood (Missy Douglas & Kim Rask) with Marc Swenson.

Photography allowed? Yes. Please tag @uckiood when uploading to all social media platforms.

COVID safety measures: Outdoors/signage at the entrance of the course will ask participants to socially distance and wear masks if unvaccinated. Hand sanitizer will be available for cleaning mallets and balls.


7pm-10pm, 9/01-9/02

3426 59th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

A collection of light and flame art. Fire sculpture by @octo_eyes! Lumenoki neon mushrooms by @yalewolf and @studio.octoeyes! Video projection by @akcrew! Walk-through (steep hill) socially-distanced exploration.

Photography allowed? Yes. Non-commercial with artist attribution.

COVID safety measures: Entirely outdoors. We will have a sign requesting unvaccinated people to mask and requesting groups social distance.

Shapes of Us

Weekends: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM, Weekdays: 5:00 PM – 11 PM, Labor Day: 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM

2436 South Irving Street, Seattle, WA 98144

Children of the Abyss presents its latest art collaboration, “Shapes of Us”! This interactive art project was designed and led by a life-long, 10-year-old burner, Crystal Panda, and adult-burner, Mongoose. Shapes of Us encourages all to come paint, color, and draw to create awesomely fun characters using the outline of a pre-drawn form. Here are some guidelines to help everyone interact with this art together:

– Have fun and a “yes, and” attitude
– Engage your creativity
– Be radically inclusive with your art
– Remember that this art is for all ages, please be considerate

– Draw more than a few parts per drawing
– Take up all the space with one part
– Deliberately try to ruin any drawings
– Take a finished drawing or art materials away from space

– Take pictures of drawings
– Bring your own art supplies to share, e.g., stickers, markers, crayons

Logistics, Accessibility, & Expectations

– Parking – Street parking on both sides
– Entrance – Please enter via the front gate, entrance will be marked
– Accessibility – Need to go up 8 steps to enter yard
– Noise Level – We live in a neighborhood with young kids, please keep voices down after 10 pm
– Other Art – Space is shared with a laser obstacle course, “Optical Course”. Please check them out cuz they’re cool!

Photography allowed? Yes, we allow photography

COVID-19 Precautions – Please follow guidelines, including wearing masks and physical distancing

Optical Course

Weekends: 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM Weekdays: 5:00 PM – 11 PM Labor Day: 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM

2436 South Irving Street, Seattle, WA 98144

Run! Jump! Duck! Welcome to Optical Course, the greatest, and most difficult, laser obstacle course you’ve ever seen. Brought to you by Jalove, a thirteen-year-old life-long burner, and Nacho Bracken, her father. This narrow, 3.3-foot-wide, 32-foot-long pathway is packed with lasers… break even one beam, and you will face excruciating pain as you’ve never felt before… Just kidding. At least two modes of play: Cowardly (a.k.a. Easy) and Doomed (a.k.a. Hard). You MIGHT survive Cowardly mode but your victory will be tainted by your unwillingness to play the REAL way. The real way is, well, to put it in a word, impossible. The Star of Death, climax of Optical Course, will surely fell you. But good luck. This is Optical Course, and you are doomed to fail.

Logistics, Accessibility, & Expectations

• Disclaimer – This course will be easier for smaller and more able-bodied individuals. Win, lose or draw, we love you anyway.
• Parking – Street parking available on one or both sides for all open hours
• Entrance – Please enter via the front gate, entrance will be marked
• Accessibility – Need to go up 8 steps to enter yard
• Noise Level – We live in a neighborhood with young kids, please keep voices down after 10 pm
• COVID Precautions – Please follow guidelines, including wearing masks
• Other Art – Space is shared with Shapes of Us, an interactive art installation. Check them out. They’re cool.

Photography allowed? Yes

COVID safety measures: Outdoors/masks required/sanitize if possible

Playa Playground by BROTHel camp

Thurs 8:30pm-11:30pm and Fri-Sun 8:30pm-12:30am

12906 10th Ave S, Burien, WA 98168 (Located on a corner lot, surrounded by a large hedge. The main entrance is through a gate in the hedge. Please park along hedge; do not block driveways. Parking is limited, consider biking or ride-share, if you can!)

Large yard set up as your mini night-time home-away-from-home!

-Meet new and old friends by the Janky Bucket – some picnic blankets and seating (with 6 ft distance between) will be provided for your pod, but feel free to bring your own blanket!

-Live painting by artist Miguel Eduardo of SomaArt

-3D LED infinity-mirrored shapes – designed and created by Jered Danielson

-Burn Your Man by Joe Mellin

-crossXwalk by Sabina Look, Greg Look, Ian Wesley-Smith, and Colin

-Live DJ (some nights)

-Tea lounge generously provided by Trish

-Climb our LED-rigged platform

-Bring items to be stenciled with the man )'( , at our self-directed spray paint station

…and more!

While a big part of Burning Man is the location, we believe that an even bigger part is the people. Last year, we had amazing spin artists, tarot readers, and just great people drift in to add their own vibe, just like in the desert. Bring what you love and share it with us! ❤

Photography allowed? Yes, please credit all artists and camps

COVID-19 Precautions: Please follow guidelines, including wearing masks and physical distancing. We will provide sanitizer and signage for safety, but ULTIMATELY you are taking responsibility for yourself.

Critical Costume Closet

Thurs 8:30pm-11:30pm and Fri-Sun 8:30pm-12:30pm

Hosted at Playa Playground – 12906 10th Ave S, Burien, WA 98168

The Critical Costume Closet is baaaack! Come find your next burner outfit, bring a costume to gift or just enjoy sifting through the racks. All costumes are gifted – in return, keep the closet tidy.

Photography allowed? Yes

COVID-19 Precautions: Please follow guidelines, including wearing masks and physical distancing

It’s Not Yard Trash, It’s Art

10a-11:30pm, 8/29-9/06. Lights will only be on when it starts to get dark

6506 27th Ave NW

Yard full of fun, kitschy stuff and lights

Photography allowed? Yes, with credit.

COVID-19 Precautions: I am not offering human interaction so it will be up to visitors to be safe around each other. It is outside only so that should also make it more safe

Lost Highway

8am-11pm, 8/29-9/6

4167 38th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

A stretch of Route 38 disappeared in summer of 1959. Now, pieces of it have reappeared, stuffed into a private lot in Mt. Baker – but is something strange about them? Come see these (mostly) classic signs day or night, and check out the event listing for events being held at Lost Highway, which include a Café, The Pie Chute, Ice Cream and a Car Wash!

Photography allowed? Yes, with Credit

COVID-19 Precautions: Please follow guidelines, including wearing masks and physical distancing. Visitors are asked to wear their mask if they are within 6′ of others. These signs can be seen from the street without leaving your car or getting off your bike, and are not interactive. Individual events have various requirements, see event listings.

The Golden Hours Project

8/29-9/6 6AM – 11PM

977 20th Ave, Seattle, WA (cross street Union)

The Golden Hours Project is a space of self expression, in memory of the people & things lost during this pandemic. We invite you to write on a leaf those things that you miss or names people you have lost. Read what others have written, approach the space from different sides & slowly move through it. See the leaves rustle in the wind, day and night. We offer a place to have loss be seen & shared, plus offer love & hope through that expression. This art has changed recently. Come see the new aspects! Created by our community. Designed & hosted by Jeny & Brian Bird.

Radical Inclusion in the time of pandemic – Please help our entire community feel welcome in this space. Including those under 12. Outdoors, with plenty of space for movement, be mindful of others. Please wear a mask when you engage with the project. Follow all guidelines from Art Compass NW.

Photography allowed? Yes! Please share your photos. Tags include #GoldenHoursProject #TheGoldenHoursProject #communityart #artcompassnw

COVID-19 Precautions: The piece is outdoors, made to walk through & around, with ample space for distancing. Signs to wear a mask & follow all guidelines from Art Compass NW. Hand sanitizer by the markers on the writing desk. Some masks provided.

Web of Dreams

24/7, 8/29-9/6. Available for climbing 24 hours a day. Please observe quiet hours from 10:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.

4416 S 164th St, Tukwila, WA 98188

Web of Dreams is a hand crocheted rope playground. Come climb with us!

Photography allowed? Yes

COVID safety measures: Outdoors/Please wear masks and sanitize or wash hands prior to climbing in. One family group/COVID bubble at a time should be interacting with it. Rope will be periodically sanitized.

Talk to God phone

24/7, 8/29-9/06

Call are answered on zoom at, or by phone at 1 (GOD)-BELL-001

At the Burn almost every year for the last two decades there has been a symbol, a waypoint, an opportunity: to speak with God. There have been laughs, tears, concern and a most unique human interaction…

…in a phone booth.

Illuminated Pathways Mural

Mural is open to visitors all day but is best seen at night when lit with black light. Temple Burn celebration on Sunday 9/5 from 5pm – 11pm.

Mural is 2 houses north of S Trenton on MLK. Sunday Temple Burn in backyard at 8645 44th AVE S Seattle WA 98118. Look for signs with the Man on them.

Illuminated Pathways is a permanent mural in the Rainier Beach Community by local artist Roman Leal. Mural is accessible anytime but is illuminated in black light on special nights and all of Burn week. Join us Sunday 9/5 to celebrate the Temple Burn with chill music and a fire pit in the backyard of the property. Come relax and meet some new and old friends. There is space to social distance and safety gear such as hand sanitizer will be available.

Photography allowed? Yes, Please credit the artist Roman Leal if posted on social media.

COVID-19 Precautions: Please follow guidelines, including wearing masks and physical distancing.

Moon Flowers


6601 Carleton Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108

7 foot tall flowers with silver stems and white orb buds that glow at night.

Photography allowed? Yes

COVID safety measures: The art is in a private garden behind a fence with a secure gate, visible from the street.

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